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Livraison gratuite à partir de 70 $. Des exclusions s'appliquent.
Livraison gratuite à partir de 70 $. Des exclusions s'appliquent.

Anime & Hobby Pre-Order Instructions & Policies


There will be two types of Pre-orders. Full payment pre-order and Deposit pre-order. Also, a Customize pre-order is available only when contacted.

Full Payment Pre-Order

For this type of pre-orders, the customers are required to pay full amount of the item to secure the pre-order. There will be a discount when you do full payment pre-orders. Details in each product page.

Deposit Pre-Order

For this type of pre-orders, the customers can pay for a little amount of deposit to secure the product and the price. The amount of deposit will be different for each product.

Customize Pre-Order

This is only available when you contact us first. You can tell us what you want, and we will provide full details. Check product page for general details.



All cancellations for pre-orders will only be processed when customers contact us first. Release date delays. product allocations and other logistics, production, or distribution factors out of our control, and personal issues will not serve as a reason to request a full refund of the pre-order payment. A 10% processing fee (based on the total order value) will be charged if the customer insists on refunding the order.

No Cancellation for Customize pre-orders.


Premium Bandai Products

P.Bandai products will have frequent price adjustments at the distribution level, therefore pre-orders can sometimes have price adjustments. All pre-orders will secure the price paid (full payment pre-orders) or shown (deposit pre-orders). However, if the retail price is raised by Bandai, we will contact you about the situation. Should you not wish to pay the increased price we will gladly offer a full refund.



Q: When will my pre-orders ship?
A: Pre-order items will be shipped as soon as we receive the product. It will take normally 2-3 days to arrive if you are in the GTA area. It will be ready for in-store pickup once we contact you, and you can email us if you want to change to pickup (if you have chosen to ship your order).

Q: Can you send the other items in the same order?
A: Orders containing pre-order items will be held until the arrival of all items (without additional charge for storage). Should you want us to ship the items that are in stock, we will recalculate the order amount. A flat rate of $15 shipping will be charged if the new order amount is not over $150.