Electric Ride On LaFerrari

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- Radio Control/Battery Operated (2wo speed for battery operated mode)

- Drive: forward, reverse, turn left, turn right, stop

- LED headlight & rear lights, Taillight Turning light

- Kids' song/Engine sounds IC (optional)

- Lead-Acid Rechargeable battery

- Chassis, leather car seat

- The doors can be opened semi-automatically


Motor: 2 x 550 Motor

Battery: 12V build-in battery included

Speed: D1 2-3 km/h, D2 3-4 km/h

Dive Time: 1-1.5 hrs

Assembly Required

Assembled Dimensions: 120 x 66 x 47.4 cm

Weight: G.W. 15.9/N.W. 12.7 kg


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