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Best Ride on Cars for kids buying guide

Best Ride on Cars for kids buying guide

Best Ride on Cars for kids buying guide

The solution for choosing the right Electric Car Toy or Ride on Car for your child, is matching the car to your child’s interest and abilities. When purchasing a ride on car…….Consider the age, and the maximum weight of your child, and the capacity that the vehicle can hold.  We offer a ride on cars for children between the ages of 2-8.  Our push cars can handle up to 20kg (45 pds), the one-seater has a limit of 30kg (66 pds), and the two-seaters can hold 60kg (132 pds).

Whether you’re choosing a Push car, or a 12 V car/jeep, our collection of officially licensed luxury vehicles are modeled after the life-size versions to serve as accurate as of the real thing.  These cars are built complete with working audio systems. If your child needs a vehicle that’s tough enough to handle any playtime adventure, we recommend our trucks or jeeps that can handle rougher terrain, with rubber tires for better grip, with a wide-frame, these trucks/jeeps are built to explore.  In addition, the maximum speed is 2 - 5 mph with up to 90 minutes of battery life, 2 seaters, LED lights, and parental remote control for safety. 

If your child loves cars but is even too small for their first 6V ride-on, our push-cars are a perfect choice, with the built-in MP3 Player that includes music and stories.  As well as a working horn for a fun & realistic play experience.  Officially Licensed Mercedes Benz G63 Push Ride-on Car is for kids ages from 12-24 months or older, under parental supervision.

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