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Christmas Activities at Home

Christmas Activities at Home

As there are almost 30 days left for the year 2020, our last but the most important holiday of the year – Christmas - is just around the corner.

Unlike the Christmas before, this year, to best keep them and their loved ones safe and healthy, more people will choose to stay at their lovely home instead of going on a trip, which also means that people may have to put more effort than before to prepare an unforgettable Christmas.

For someone who doesn’t know where to start with, we’ve listed some activities that may be helpful to you!


1. Decorate your home together

Voltz Toys blog - Canada Toys Car

If decorating your lovely home is a must-do, why not ask the whole family to work together! Working on the same tasks together will not only stronger family members’ connections; especially to kids, they’ll be able to learn about how does a family work and build up a sense of responsibility as being a part of the family.


2. Toys for the whole family

Voltz Toys blog - Canada Toys Car

Kids all love toys, but what they love more is playing with whom they love – and Christmas is the best timing to spend time together! Unlike ball games that usually require people to play outdoor, a Ride-on Train can perfectly solve this problem. Voltz Toys’ Motorized Ride-On Train allows parents to ride with their kids at the same time, which means you don’t have to stand apart anymore!


3. Online Party with Friends & Families

Voltz Toys blog - Canada Toys Car

Although we cannot throw out a Christmas party this year, it’s still possible to meet up with your friends and families you don’t live with! If you want to deliver surprising gifts while following public health advice, Voltz Toys’ Ride On Cars with remote control function will be your best option! Imagine you received a gift delivered by a ride-on car – what can be more unforgettable than this?


4. Create a New Family Tradition

Voltz Toys blog - Canada Toys Car

Changes can always bring freshness. To those families who haven’t created your own family tradition, this year will be the best timing to do so! Some ideas like saying “Merry Christmas” to 10 people, prepare a new sock for gifts, or use ride-on cars for carrying meals to the homeless, will be so much fun!


5. Competitions for kids

Voltz Toys blog - Canada Toys Car

Thinking if your kids can’t find interest in these activities? Bring up their competitiveness! It’s not only a great chance to build up their self-confidence, but this little bit of pressure will also encourage them to find out a new way to win.

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