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Free shipping over $69.90. Exclusions apply.
Top 10 trending toys of 2020 in Canada

Top 10 trending toys of 2020 in Canada

2020 has so far been an extraordinary year, everyone has stayed at home for more than ever. Staying at home can be frustrating and boring at first until you find the right accompany. When kids do not anymore have the option to run at the park, something else needs to do the job of keeping them occupied and entertained. Today, we will look at the most popular toys for kids in the year 2020, and let’s see which of these results will surprise you.

#10 Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane

Rating: 3.6/5 
Suggested price: $69.99

Voltz Toys blog - Canada Toys Car

Have you imagined that one day we can connect our paper airplane with a mobile phone and turn it into a remote airplane? This has become true. Safe yet strong paper airplanes let the little pilot decide where to fly.

#9 BrainBolt

Voltz Toys blog - Canada Toys Car

Rating: 4.3/5
Suggested price: $29.97

A new twist on Simon says, a perfect memory booster that’s available in two modes – solo or dual. An educational and entertaining challenge for kids to memorize and recognize light sequences and patterns.


#8 Hot Wheels Track Builder Vertical Launch Kit

Voltz Toys Blog

Rating: 4.4/5
Suggested price: $59.97

The classic miniature cars provide endless hours of battery-free fun. Attachable to wall and reach up to 50 inches high. Gravitational pull allows for fast and furious stunts and vertically designed to feature easy storage after the kids are done racing.

#7 Little Tikes Tasty Jr.Bake ‘n Share Kitchen

Rating: 4.6/5
Suggest Price: $119.97

The ultimate tasty competition with pretend play oven and fridge. A kitchen to let the little chef show their cooking talents. The stovetop makes real cooking sounds to make the experience more interactive and real, and the overhead smartphone holder will enable the little gourmet to share their perfect recipes in a tasty style.

#6 Voltz Toys 2-Seater 12V Electric Ride-On Jeep Truck

Rating: 4.7/5
Suggested price: $699.99 (currently on sale for $589.99)

Voltz Toys - Canada Car toys for kids, Jeep Truck Ride-On-Car

Perfect parental supervision to have the kids shine their driving skills in a safe environment. A legendary model with a timeless bold look. Music player equipped to wrap up the field and set up the speeding tone. It's cool to get your kid's a CAR! 

#5 UNO Flip

Suggested price: $10.99

Double-sided card game built upon the classic UNO game, an exciting edge to the traditional way of playing, featuring the all-new flip rule to reveal a fresh set of numbers and colors – and a whole new game.

#4 Magformers Rainbow Magnetic Construction Set

Rating: 4.7/5
Suggest price: $66

Colorful and powerful magnetic pieces that are easy to manipulate with for kids, fully express their imagination to build fantastic designs. Collaborate with the best friends to create and have fun. Also an ideal add-on to any MAGFORMERS collection.

#3 LEGO Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Hogwarts Clock Tower Building Kit

Rating: 4.9/5
Suggested price: $119.99


No kids can resist the magical power of LEGO. The epic LEGO set will rock the world of the Harry Potter fanatic in your life. Featuring iconic scenes to immerse the little magicians. Kids will love the decorations and recreation of castles. The playset can also be built together with all other original LEGO sets and bricks to make creative lands.

#2 Voltz Toys MERCEDES-BENZ AMG G63 12V Electric Motorized Ride-On Car

Rating: 4.9/5
Suggested price: $599.99

Voltz toys Ride On Car for Kids - G63 6wheels

The dream car of all age, take the kids to a field to explore the full tracking potential of this powerful machine. AMG G63 with parental remote control equipped, let the kids speed all they want and stop the car with one remote click. As the only brand that has two top listed toys, Voltz Toys has all little boys dream for.

#1 Nintendo Switch

Rating: 4.9/5
Suggested price: $399.99

Unleash a battle with the Super Mario characters, or call over your buds for an ultimate racing competition. There is so much incredible fun within this little console, for explorers at any age. Take out the joy-con immediately and start enjoying the endless joy.


Voltz Toys - Canada Car toys for kids

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