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Free shipping over $69.90. Exclusions apply.
5 Reasons to Choose Voltz Toys | Top-Rated Ride-On Cars Retailer in Canada

5 Reasons to Choose Voltz Toys | Top-Rated Ride-On Cars Retailer in Canada

5 Reasons to Choose Voltz Toys

Were you lost when searching for the perfect birthday gift for your kids? Did you want to award your kids for their recent achievements? Are your children obsessed with different luxury car brands?

You should consider Voltz Toys!

As one of the largest ride-on cars and remote-control vehicles retailer across Canada, Voltz Toys aims to build a bridge between parents and children through toys.

At this point, you may be wondering, there are hundreds and thousands of ride-on cars out there in the market varying in price, brand, design, etc., why should you choose Voltz Toys.

That’s a very good question. Let me explain to you what makes Voltz Toys special.

2 Seater Jeep, Voltz Toys

Official Licensed Products

One of Voltz Toys’ biggest advantages is that all of our products have received official licenses from brands, where all of the designs look just like real cars. From Mercedes-Benz to Jeep to Land Rover, Voltz Toys has everything you need. 

Since licensed ride-on cars have to receive approval before each product is released into the market, it ultimately guarantees better quality. As a result, by choosing Voltz Toys, you will not only receive high-quality products but also chic designs that look exactly like real cars.

Wide Range of Products

Voltz Toys has the most official licensed brands and products available across Canada. Ranging from 2-seater ride-on cars, GoKarts, and motorcycles, to various baby-walkers, remote-control cars, and STEM toys, Voltz Toys offer something for kids at any age. Even if you have multiple kids at home ranging from different age groups. Don’t worry! You can also find something available for every kid at Voltz Toys.

Interior, Voltz Toys

Brillant After-Sale Services

Out of all its competitors, Voltz Toys offers one of the best customer service experiences. At Voltz Toys, we value our relationships with every client. As a result, Voltz Toys offers a great customer experience dealing with any problems that may occur during and after the sale process. 

On top of that, since all of Voltz Toys products have received official licenses, you can always find the exact same replacement parts through us when needed. Even if we do not have the part you may be looking for in stock, we can always place a production order for you and have the part ships to you as soon as possible. Some parts may be hard to assemble by yourself at home; if you ever run into any problems, do not hesitate to reach out to our customer service representatives; we are more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have with the product or Voltz Toys in general.

Regular Promotion

Voltz Toys is consistently offering great deals across the platform, where there would be different promotions available regularly all year long. Keep an eye out for your favourite products where you may be able to purchase them at a lower price.

2 Seater Lamborghini, Voltz Toys

    Canada-Wide Free Shipping

      Since these ride-on cars are huge in size, for a lot of businesses, domestic shipping costs may range from $50-$190. However, at Voltz Toys, we offer free shipping to most regions across Canada, so you can purchase as many or as few products as you want, whenever and wherever you like, without having to worry about any hidden costs.

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