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Free shipping over $49.90. Exclusions apply.
Jeep Ride On - Your kids’ best all season ride on choice for 2021

Jeep Ride On - Your kids’ best all season ride on choice for 2021

It is so exciting to see that school will end in June. Getting a Jeep ride-on car will bring your kids unforgettable summer memories. It can be used in the park, in a safety community, or even in a large backyard. If you don’t really have a preference on which type of car to get, a 2 Seater 12V Electric Ride-On Jeep Truck for Kids with Parental Remote Control car is always a great - and general - choice for beginners. Here will be the reasons you really should get one:

Durable & Safe

This is a perfect present for 3 to 8 year-old kids to have wonderful summer memories from their childhood. This 2 seater kids ride-on car truck comes with long-range 2.4Ghz parental remote control with remote STOP function. Overall, the high quality toys extend electric toy cars’ durability; remote parental control brings safety to their children.

Powerful Output

The Jeep ride-on car is equipped with 2 forward gears (3 speed levels on remote controller) and 1 reverse gear. Battery level indicator is integrated on the dashboard. The powerful output will bring a real-life driving experience for young drivers.

Wider Space for Two

Two seaters offer more space for two kids. It offers enough space for two kids to share a drive, while offering comfortable empty space for one kid. Sharing a drive in one electric ride-on car for two siblings will bring happy childhood memories.

Lights & Audio

There is an adjustable front leather seat with a convertible seat belt; openable side doors for the easy pass in & out. The functional LED lights across the body including searchlights and wheels. The ride-on car also has advanced functions, such as an MP3 player with AUX, USB and Micro SD cards interface. Additionally, Micro SD cards support parents or kids to play their own music. It also has adjustable Sound Volume and Stereo Sounds for music lovers.

Realistic Design

Jeep features a soft start and electric brake system, both functions are for gradual acceleration and reliable braking respectively. Four wheels with independent suspensions help the electric car toy to bring young drivers’ realistic driving experiences. The JEEP Ride On runs out of battery while playing outside? Don't worry! It's easy to "tow" the JEEP Ride On home with two foldable handlebars at the front.

Lastly, our Jeep has high-quality standards that can bring a beautiful driving experience. Jeep bundle is a set of ride-on cars and remote control cars. Parents and children will have double pleasure to play both cars. Check Jeep Bundle on Voltz Toys website for more information & how much in total you’ll save.


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