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Free shipping over $49.90. Exclusions apply.
Off-road GoKart Racer Drifter - The best outdoor off-road karting for kids

Off-road GoKart Racer Drifter - The best outdoor off-road karting for kids

Victoria Day, Canada Day, Labour Day… as more and more long weekends are coming in this warming weather, it’s time to get your kids some new toys for enjoying the summer vibes. If your kids are interested in sports or excitements, getting a 24V Outdoor Racer Drifter Electric Go Kart for Kids and Adult is definitely your first choice to fulfill your summertime.

Smooth Wheels

The 24V Off-road Electric GoKart is one of Voltz Toys’ best-selling Ride On Car for kids. As a racer drifter that the driver can take complete control with, we recommend offer this ride on car to young drivers over 12 years old since controlling a drifter is a totally different level of driving.

For better drifting results, we focused on the design of the wheels for GoKart - it's different from other Ride On Cars we have as wheels are the key parts to affect the drifting experience. Those smooth wheels with no patterns will not only reduce friction between wheels and floor, at the same time, made these wheels semi-soft will also help drivers to land softly.

Seat & seatbelt

A race car style seat for protecting kids from bump into anything, with bars at both sides of the seat for preventing “throw-out” situations happen while drifting. The sturdy seat belt around the waist is another safety feature to protect your kids the best while driving, just as most regular vehicles.

Full covered bottom

Drifting vehicles are also a machine, which can be tough and fragile at the same time. Since GoKart is designed for off-road driving, it’s important to protect the vehicle from being harmed by any unexpected sharp pieces on an uneven surface. This is the reason we designed our GoKart with a fully-covered bottom (while most of the Ride On Cars has bottom opened) from being damaged accidentally.

24V off-road racer drifter electric GoKart by Voltz Toys with fully covered bottom

Multiple Control Function

As an off-road vehicle that you will drive in all occasions, it is important to have all basic driving modes built-in. This 24V Racer Drifter has a designed switch for adjusting the speed to either high or low; the other switch works as gear for moving forward or backward. Your kids can adjust the speed as they like, and practice controlling gear which will help them with learning driving skills in the future.


Don’t worried about if the pandemic will shut all the karting tracks down. In the generation of off-road GoKart, it’s your time to design your own tracks wherever you like.

If you wish to find a "less intensive" Ride On Car, 24V 2 Seaters Off-road Dune Buggy is another off-road vehicle Voltz Toys offer with parental remote control function.

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