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Dune Buggy Ride On - The Best Off-road Ride On Car for Summer

Dune Buggy Ride On - The Best Off-road Ride On Car for Summer

24V Off-road Dune Buggy Ride On Truck for kids for outdoor and picnic

As temperatures rise, more and more kids want to start playing outside. Be it street hockey in the neighbourhood, a bike ride through the park, or soccer with their friends at school, there’s tons of outdoor fun waiting to be had.

And for the adventurers and trailblazers out there, now there’s also the option of exploring the town in their very own 24V 2 Seaters Off-road Dune Buggy


Voltz Toys' Dune Buggy kid's Ride On is one of our best-selling ride-on electric trucks. Parents can rest easy letting their kids play on our toys made with durable, non-toxic (insert plastic name here) plastic. Not only does it look and feel great, it’ll keep your kids safe through all their adventures.

High quality EVA tires and a spring suspension system ensures a powerful yet smooth riding experience. Furthermore, each vehicle comes with a long-range 2.4 GHz parental remote with a STOP function for when the little explorers get a little too ambitious. 

24V 2 seaters off-road dune buggy ride on truck in camo green by voltz toys


Nobody likes to drive a sluggish vehicle. Our buggies have a total of 3 powerful transmissions (2 forward, 1 reverse) for maximum versatility and speed. But just in case, our parental remotes also have speed controls to avoid any reckless driving.

24V Off-road Dune Buggy Ride On Truck for Kids outdoor and picnic 


A luxury vehicle needs a luxury sound system. Our dune buggies for kids come equipped with a MP3 player with AUX, USB, and Micro SD options to play your favourite tunes. LED lights exist across the body, as well as the headlights and wheels. Adjustable leather front seats are complete with a seat belt for maximum safety. All side doors are functional for ease of access.

24V 2 seaters off-road dune buggy ride on truck in black voltz toys


We are committed to making all our cars as realistic as can be. Our Dune Buggy Ride On feature a soft start and electric brake system for gradual acceleration and reliable braking. All four wheels have independent suspension to overcome any bumpy road. 

Forget Tesla, it’s time to surprise your kids with their very own electric car from Voltz. Our Dune Buggy Kids Ride Ons are currently on sale on our website right now. What are you waiting for? 

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